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Jumpstart Addiction, PTSD and Mental Illness Recovery

“When we abdicate our crown of self rule; we become pawn and prey.”

– Founder Kathleen Lieberman

Ideas from around the world

What Orchestras can teach executives about conducting business

Beethoven Symphony 9 – Ode to Joy. The greatest Meritocratic System ever invented by man

Sean Flynn: How Singapore Delivers World Class Healthcare while Spending 80 Percent Less than We Do

Click here Don’t look at Canada or England for a Healthcare model – Singapore is the best

The World's Most Talent Competitive Countries

Learn more about the talent competition.

Milton Friedman - Your Greed or Their Greed?

Hear about the wisdom of free markets

Milton Friedman Schools Young Idealist (Stanford)

learn more about freedom

Milton Friedman Gets Owned!

learn more about equality for opportunity

Healthcare in Singapore

learn about a Meritocratic Healthcare system

Lee Kuan Yew - In His Own Words : Meritocracy

learn about Lee Kuan Yew and his Meritocratic System for Singapore

Tony Romo | A Meritocracy | Dallas Cowboys

see what Tony Romo says about Meritocracy

Britain, the great meritocracy: Prime Minister's speech

hear Theresa May Meritocratic System for England

Young Entrepreneurs