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Meritocracy can be harsh or it can be liberating. It depends on the objective. The structure of our Republic protects the rights of the minority as it allows the majority to rule within the perimeters described in the US Constitution. If I were to advocate a specific kind of meritocracy it would be from the example of the V formation of migrating geese.  The V formation is a method of rotating leadership with the intent of the best and strongest to be leading at all times to lift the others and to maximize the team’s efforts. They accomplish that by the passing of a privilege or responsibility from one member of a group to another in a regularly recurring succession. Everyone is prepared to lead at any time and they all participate in teamwork. Because it is based on meritocracy we really don’t care what kind of bird you may be.


Meritocracy Avenue is a non-profit educational effort. We explore; What is merit and who defines it? In regard to people, resources, skills, talent, all that we care about and things we didn’t even know we didn’t know about. We do not apply Meritocracy as a process of elimination but rather as placement and completion.

We operate from donations and sponsorships. If you would like to help support this effort to provide the public with a free Liberal Arts education and or to the recovery of individuals struggling with addiction: donate now.

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