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Meritocracy Avenue is a public service educational platform which creates content that educates, informs and inspires. The focus of Meritocracy Avenue is to share ideas, engage in civil discourse and foster collaboration to reinforce independent thinking. 


Our Vision is to be an alternative learning environment: to build communities where people can thrive intellectually and discover their greatest potential.

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“When we abdicate our crown of self rule; we become pawn and prey”

Founder Kathleen Lieberman

In 1982, President Ronald Reagan created the Presidents Committee on the Arts and the Humanities to protect it from excessive budget cuts. The Arts and the Humanities benefit every aspect of our lives. Good policy in this area ensures the integrity of a balanced education, thriving businesses, excellent health care, and positive human expression. Entrepreneurship is how we preserve the arts and the humanities and commit to excellence. It is the optimism that becomes infectious. Liberal Arts are the education for the free man.

Education is not learning or memorizing events like Hitler murdering Jews, Gypsies, or General Mao murdering millions of his own people and anyone who opposed them. Education is learning how people like them convince others it is the right thing to do. Education is learning the signs of history repeating itself.  Education is learning how to respond to the signs of history repeating itself. Education is being the thinking man who prevent wars. Education is learning that your own darkness is the best way to understand how to deal with darkness in others. Education is learning the limits of liberty. Education is learning about the value of others.

“For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories” Plato

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Everyone needs to see this. I report back to you something that almost no tourists get to see here in Singapore. Because not many people wanna visit or get permission to visit a landfill….But here, you might wanna do that. Their landfills almost feel like resorts. They are just insanely clean. Here is how they did it:They made an Island in the middle of the ocean, they enclosed a big pool of ocean water by dumping sand all around it. On the maind island, they burn their trash, filter the smoke for any pollutants, they ship the ashes to this Island and bury them under these waters. All while keeping everything clean. Literally 30 meters outside of the landfills, there is a fish farm and it's completely 100% safe! Around the Island, there is wildlife, birds, animals, beaches, you name it. It just so happens to have tons of ashes buried underwater right next to it.Obviously this is more expensive way to treat waste. But boy, it blew my mind and I hope you like it!! INSTAGRAM: @nasdailyGROUP: Nas Daily GlobalWithout Tan Hang Chong & Hilly Ting this wouldn't be possible. You rock!! Thank you for contacting National Environment Agency (NEA). And thank you NEA for responding!

Posted by Nas Daily on Tuesday, August 28, 2018