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Keenan Williams currently works with prisons and law enforcement agencies for drug rehabilitation and re-entry programs. Meritocracy Avenue is a new participant in his efforts. If you would like for Keenan Williams to speak at your facility make your request at

How did we get to NAD IV Therapy?

Bill Wilson co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous wanted a higher success rate for recovery and he continued his research after the 12 step program was initiated. When he was asked what he wanted to be known for when he died – he didn’t say AA he said his research in Niacin. Full and longer lasting recovery requires both in his opinion. The Niacin experiments led the way to the discovery of holistic naturally occurring  Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide that Jump Starts Addiction, Mental Illness, and PTSD Recovery programs. NAD is currently being used for auto-immune diseases caused by Vitamin B 12 and NAD deficiencies. Telomere damage which is the root of many illnesses, including addictions can be repaired with NAD. The FDA approved NAD for anti-aging because it restores the brain.  The number one complaint we hear from Veterans suffering PTSD is that they do not want more drugs that lead to chemical drug dependency. Some addicts do not want to be given methadone or suboxone which are chemical drug dependent therapies. We have a better and healthier answer with better results. NAD Treatment Centers are the future. In his words below.

Part 1 – 1965
Part 2 – 1968

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Part 3 -1971  

The forgotten part of Bill W’s research for better and longer lasting alcohol recovery was Niacin.  But Niacin is limited and it is manufactured. Bill W was getting closer to a higher recovery rate but he still died an addict. His discoveries led us to Nicotinamide Adenine  Dinucleotide IV Therapy. NAD is a co-enzyme naturally derived form of B3 that is quickly absorbed in the system. NAD permeates the blood barrier in the brain and travels to the hypothalamus to repair damaged telomeres that cause some and or acute mental illnesses, depression, and addiction. We are bringing it to the forefront of opiate, alcohol, PTSD, mental illness, auto-immune diseases, and any drug addiction recovery discussions and availability.

What does the FDA say about NAD today? 

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A holistic approach to alcohol and drug addiction treatment, PTSD, Mental Health, NAD Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (a form of Niacin) IV therapy replenish the drained enzymes and target brain restoration. It destroys cravings for any chemical dependent drug and Alcohol. The Pharmacy Compound Committee Review shows where it was tested with pornography addiction and had successful results.

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Pharmacy Compounding Committee Review: Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Click on the picture to learn more

Meritocracy Avenue searched for answers and found sound evidence to help the restoration of addicts. No education sticks if the mind is cluttered, traumatized, disease or altered. But education is helpful for long-term recovery. To have clarity and to be the best you can be: one must be free from addiction. In brief, this is how it works written by the Pharmacy Compounding Committee Review: Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide.

Unfortunately, drug and alcohol abuse prompt the human brain to reorganize, particularly on a cellular level. This process, known as neuroadaptation, is directly responsible for addiction-related brain damage and depletion of neurotransmitters. NAD IV therapy recalibrates the brain to move away from addiction tendencies and improves the rate of success. NAD acts as a kickstart recovery nutrient helping the user to mentally absorb the 12 step program to overcome the addiction tendencies.  NAD IV Therapy eliminates the cravings, reduces withdrawal symptoms, restores the brain, and lifts the mood.

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a metabolic co-enzyme and is charged with the important job of structuring, repairing, and remodeling every cell in the body. These specialized enzymes require constant replenishment in the body.  

What is the NAD IV Treatment Process?

Side Effects?

Studies show that using high doses of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for short periods of time present negligible adverse effects. In fact, the most commonly reported side effect with NAD therapy is feeling only slightly flu-like, which seems to pass rapidly.

NAD IV therapy usually requires one infusion per day for a period of ten days. A facility physician develops an individualized treatment plan for each patient, including the precise NAD mixture. At the beginning of each day, a trained nurse will insert an IV and begin to slowly infuse the NAD mixture. Withdrawal symptoms reportedly begin to subside in just a matter of minutes.

Patients are able to comfortably relax while the formulation is delivered over a period of approximately eight hours. Some reports indicate NAD therapy can reduce withdrawal symptoms by 70-80 percent.

Between the fourth and eighth day, patients typically report feeling better, with increased mental clarity. However, it is important to note that patients must complete each infusion process in order to eliminate or minimize cravings. More importantly, after receiving NAD IV therapy, each patient must deal with the psychological aspects of addiction, otherwise, relapse is inevitable. Keep on course with the 12 step programs.

We know by incorporating interactive educational courses that encourage work ethic and skills secure long term recovery and self reliance.

Meritocracy Avenue will be working with NAD Treatment Centers equipped with trained Nurses/Doctors and Paramedics in Denton, McKinney, Norman, Ada and Ardmore, and expanding to other areas in addition to providing mobile services. We are ready to grow. It is coming soon.

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