Kurdish American School

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We have spoken to many of the students in Iraq. About 35% of the Kurdish forces are women. When we speak to them; they know they will probably die as they are surrounded by enemies.  They love the dream of freedom and they look where they may learn as much as they possibly can; to make the very best and the most of their lives. The Kurdish people go back to the Medes biblically. They are a Jewish sect although you have Syrian Kurds, Turkey Kurds, and Iraqi Kurds. This video was created by John Bundy III in tribute to the young warriors of the Kurdish people who have died fighting for freedom.

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Why do we need education? Our philosophers tell us about the appetites, the Bible tells us of the enemy who roams the earth like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour, psychology tells us about the enemy inside of each of us and Beethoven gave us the divine in  Ode to Joy. Tell me why?

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